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Last year I was walking our kids down to the bus and on the way back, I had to walk around a logging truck that was loading up some wood in our driveway.   I didn’t want to get in the way, so after the bucket went to one side of the truck, I attempted to quickly maneuver around the other side.  My very first step into my jog around the truck, I felt something tear/rip/burn in the arch of my foot and was in excruciating pain. I limped backed to the house. I called my mother-in-law to whine to her about how bad my foot hurt. A couple days later, I received a package in the mail from her with this Plantar Fasciitis salve and wool pad. I used this salve every 4-6 hours with the wool pad over the salve and then I also used a velcro arch support. Within 3 weeks, I no longer had any pain in my foot. This stuff really worked for me!! I’ve heard of people struggling with plantar fasciitis for months and months, and mine was completely healed in 3 weeks using this powerful all-natural, healing salve. I would recommend this over and over again!  Karri B – Trego WI, March 2014


Thank you for the speedy package!  Avery loves the sachet bags and I’m enjoying the balm already!  I appreciate the chapstick too!   Tracie B – Springbrook, WI January 2014

Two weeks after my surgery I started using BEAUTY Balm…. Works Great!  As you can see in the final picture you can hardly see my scar.  For More Info.  Sue T – Albert Lea, MN  October 2013

AMAZING!!! You’ve got a customer for life… ‘nuf said… 😀  Lindsay A., Mount Laurel NJ    September 2013

CHAKRA OILS – Cleanse & Clear Spray

WOW!  Just WOW!!!!  I love absolutely everything.  I am head-over-heels for the Cleanse & Clear Room Spray as well.  Your newest biggest fan!   Melissa B. – Miltona MN     June 2013  

Just wanted to drop you a note to let you know about my experience with Rosey Red Raspberry Oil*. Amazing pretty much sums it up. I am here on the central coast of California and it is sunny every day, all day. I have not used any other product that might contain sunscreen (in reality I have not used any other product!) and I have not gotten sunburned. Nothing irritated my eyes other than the sand I am happy to say. :) Thank you so much for this incredible work you are doing!! It is really fabulous.  Sarah B. – Albert Lea MN   May 2013  (*Rosey Red Raspberry products  will be available on line shortly

My order arrived today in perfect condition! High marks for Customer Service.   I’ve only opened the Sleep Salve, but I LOVE the aroma… can’t place it to a specific scent that I know of, but love it. Thanks so much for the other Samples, can’t wait to try.   Thanks again Sandy  Mary D. – Shakopee, MN     August 2012

I especially like the Chakra oils.  I’ve used a little at certain chakras when I knew a particular type of energy or awareness was needed.  Ann M. – Duluth, MN     Sept 2012

Boy did you make my day!!!  These salves, balms and the chakra oils are amazing. I (we) love them all! I was dead tired after a long work week & I don’t always sleep well. I took your suggestion & used the lavender on the bottoms of my feet & slept the sleep I REALLY needed.  The scents are incredible.  The Burnt Island Rose Hip Salve is just beautiful. Beyond the scent & texture there is also a lovely sentimental value for me.   I can’t thank you enough!  Carol M. – San Marlos, CA    Sept 2012